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wow today was crazy. i got to babysit for a girlfriend of mine for 3 and 1/2 hours. it was tons of fun and the kids were great. they're 4? and 1 and a 1/2. they are so cute but man what a mad house this was. sophie was so not digging having to share her stuff. she has no problem share-ing at ecfe... but that stuff isn't what she uses every day herself. she kept trying to take the other kids cups and toys away. but they had fun and we did too much. it was nice though because since they were there soph skipped her afternoon nap and i got more time with her. it made me realise how much more stuff we could do in a day if she didn't do that nap though. i've tried to stop her from taking it but now that she's big enough she just goes into her bedroom, crawls up on her rocker and waits for me. it's too cute and i know that that means she really wants her nap. i love her so much. babysitting was nice but it made me realize that i so don't want another kid (yet?). well i'm going to get to bed. ta.
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