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i'm fucking freezing!!! it's fucking freezing in here. my thermostat says that it's 72 degrees the thermostat fucking lies. my nose is red and i can't feel my toes. thank god we have a space heater for sophie. i hate fucking winter. too fucking cold. i was born in the wrong climate. i like snow for like a day. the 1st day of a snow, before people and cars fuck it up and it's all nice and pretty. have i mentioned i can't feel my fingers either. fuckkkkk. i need to get myself some tip less gloves so i can do my data entry and not have my fingers snap off. it should so be warmer in here than this. stupid fucking apt. arrrghhhh. i need like 5 more space heaters. one in the other 4 rooms than soph's and one to cary around with me and have it blow hot air directly on me. ok i'm going to stop gripe-ing now. bye
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